Monday, April 25, 2016


HATS by Rachelle Phipps

When you see me in town, then hear about things I do at home, well, it creates a lot of mystery. I kill opossums under my chicken coop one day, holding them up for the world to see on Facebook, and then show up in heels and skinny jeans the next. I'm really not who I seem to be, because I have to wear a lot of hats. I'm wearing the hat of an army wife and have been for over a decade, so I have to be resourceful and resilient and forgiving and sexy (more on that later) all at the same time. I say sexy, because that's how I maintain my sanity and it's a survival mechanism for feeling like I have it all together (plus I believe we should be good-looking for our men -more on that later). The more I look put-together and fashionable, the more you can bet, that it has been a stressful day and I honestly took 18 minutes to do something for myself, for once... As an army wife, my other survival mechanism is ferociously cleaning two days prior to my husband leaving and for a week after he leaves. I've come to realize it's the only thing I feel I have control over in this lifestyle.

I wear the hat of a veteran homeschooling mom and that one is quite puzzling. I'm never sure exactly how I feel about it because some days are amazing and grace-filled and perfect, and some days it feels like a Wild West show in which I created the performers. It's worth it though, especially on the days that I internalize the fact that my five kids are learning more than just academics, but life skills, ability to interact with any age, and a great work ethic (yes, I know they can learn those things in public school too, but let me just have this moment). Mostly, I'm just happy that I get to spend my whole day with them. Honest truth. ‪#‎phippsfamilyhomeschool‬

Speaking of the five children (and maybe more in the future), that's my other hat. I wear the hat of mom to a tribe of quirky kids who detest the questions I get from strangers: "don't you know how that happens?" or the questions they get from strangers: "Is that your sister or your mom?", (speaking of me) and "Why aren't you at school?" I like this hat though; I always wanted 6 or 8 kids and God's been good to us. Being a mom is fantastic work and I can honestly say I love every moment of it. Really. I was only supposed to be the mom of three but now I get to be the mom of five so I cherish every part...every season...every day. ‪#‎soblessed‬

My other hat should be labeled "network marketing enthusiast", because seriously, I wish I could join them all! I dabbled around in two network marketing companies before I found "my people" and "my thang". Yes I said thang, not thing...a thing is something you just do because you have to...a thang is something you're passionate about and good at. So I do my thang and love every minute of it. It's not going away any time soon!! ‪#‎plexusforlife‬
Another hat I wear is "small farm owner" but the farm seems really big when I'm trying to take care of it by myself. This is the hat covered in grass from weed-eating, dirt from gardening, and horse hair from riding bareback on the mare that I've owned since I was 10...I don't like to ride other horses; just her. The kids and I sell chicken and duck eggs on Sunday. Chickens have always been a passion of mine but owning ducks has turned out to be my niche so the "duck-girl" hat isn't getting discarded any time soon, either. There's too much to mention with this farm-woman hat. It encompasses my life...hence the reason I feel the need to dress up, even to church and Awana, or the grocery store. I'm a hillbilly bum, the rest of the time, so that's my only time to feel like a lady! ‪#‎hillbillycharm‬ ‪#‎kybluegrassgirl‬ ‪#‎thatduckgirl‬

One hat that confuses the hell out of me is my "Lover" hat. I'm a wife to someone who is incompatible with me but completes me in every way. Later you'll hear about a hat that is the epitome of antithesis (you know...the opposite of what you would think) and this one is like that hat, except I call it the epitome of contradiction. Everything I am that is good and worthwhile is not what he is. Everything in me that I am terrible or useless at, he excels at. Everything in him that is wonderful and true and pure, I am not even close to being. Everything in him that is undesirable, and worthless, I have an easier time with. Marriage was not created to make you happy. It was created to make you holy and IT WILL, IF YOU LET IT. The marriage hat is the hat I could pull my hair out along with, but I don't. To me, the marriage hat is as serious as the next one I'll be talking about. The commitment hat is what this marriage hat should be called...not always...but always when it can be. It should be sexy too, when it can be. Not always, but when it can be. Not when you're pushing an 8-pound human being into the world, but all other times. Sexy and committed. That's what I try to be. I think those two things will have you covered. You're not going anywhere and you look amazing where you're not going. Done deal. I need a hashtag for this area of my about ‪#‎sexyandstaying‬ Cooking is important too, but I learned the hard way that it's not the most important. Sexy while cooking is snazzy though. Just don't fry bacon naked.

Besides all that I've mentioned and the ones I don't have time to mention, like: sister to three amazing people...friend to many (though I seriously suck at this one)... lover of all things Dwight Yoakam (most of my life- goals revolve around something to do with Dwight ‪#‎timedontmattertome‬ or the TV show LOST)...daughter of two fine people... hater of Pinterest (seriously, I hate Pinterest)... housekeeper (if you know me, this is one thing I do excel at...if nothing least I've succeeded at the cleanliness-is-next-to-godliness thang-->notice I said Thang) ...amateur writer who struggles with security, competency, and capability issues, not to mention...finding the time to write and avoiding dangling modifiers (I definitely had to edit one sentence up there that sounded like I was selling chicken and duck eggs along with my children)...and many other hats that aren't worth listing, my last hat is who I really am under all the fluff. It's the hat that really defines me. I don't think many people know who they really are. They don't know the hat that really defines them. But I do. It's holey, its worn, its the opposite of everything you think it should be, it's been with me since I was 19 and selfish and proud and mean-turned-redeemed. It has stuck with me when I was self-righteous and judgemental and when I didn't deserve to wear it. It hung topsy-turvey, holding on by a thread, when I was heart-broken and desperate for real love and acceptance. When everything else was stripped from me, and I had nothing left to cover the humiliation and nakedness of a raw heart, I wore it because it was all I had left to wear. Even when I had to pin it, to keep it in place, this hat convinced me to keep it on; that it was worth it. When I went through circumstances that would cause most to throw this hat in the air and high-tail it outta there, this hat promised me it would never forsake me, so I didn't forsake it. This hat has seen nights of depression and desperate fighting down in the muck, for my place and purpose...valleys of disappointment, betrayal, confusion, cuss words in my journal, teardrops on the pillow... This hat has been to the mountains of promises fulfilled many times over, blessings bestowed on my undeserving life, the sewing and binding up of a wounded heart, extreme victories over captive, pet, and even non-conscious sins brought to the light. This hat is the real me. This is the hat that Christ himself gave me to wear. The other hats I chose to wear. This hat I chose, but it was also chosen for me in some weird, predestined, theological, way that I can't explain. There's this balance between laying your whole life down and giving up everything, but at the same time taking up something that's being freely given and placing it on your head and the only reason you are wearing it is because Christ chose to put it right there in your path. Christ predestined my path and where it would lead and he placed that hat there for me to find, and there in the slum of life, in the dirt of a twisted trail, I desperately gave up everything (just like I do to this very day), and I chose to place that hat on my head. I choose this hat everyday, but it also chose me. And it's white....Good thing.

Valentines Day All Month ~ Day 1 ~ Blessed

February 1, 2014 · Valentines Day All Month ~ Day 1 ~ Blessed

I have been blessed...I really have been blessed. Even when married life has been hard...okay, really hard...try devastating, husband has been a blessing to me, especially the last year, when I haven't deserved it. Blessed. Oh, that we could all see blessings from God, even during the times when we can't see through the fog -and every one of you who has been married For awhile knows exactly what I'm talking about- or someday you will. God gives trials (especially in marriage) to refine us, mature us, help us die to sin and self and live for Christ, help us learn to lay our life down for another, help us learn to bless someone who doesn't deserve it, teach us to forgive, help us learn to accept blessings when WE don't deserve them, and to make our marriage a picture of Christ and the church. In marriage we face the hardest challenges. We live with an imperfect person who often times sees life differently, in some areas, than we do. That person lives with an imperfect you, too!

We need these: Refinement....the blood of Christ...a little more refinement...the grace of The Lord Jesus Christ...even more refinement...forgiveness from the Chief much refinement, until we are like pure gold, with all the impurities skimmed off the top...Until we are a lump of clay, fashioned by the Potter's hands, into a pot that can be put on display for all to see. Marriage is the quickest way for God to do these things. But God can't do it with hard hearts...unwilling and selfish hearts...with clenched fists. He can only refine the lives of people with open hands...with soft, pliable hearts...with broken, cracked, hearts. Hearts that find the blessings, even in the fog...the lighthouses in the storms...the candles in the blackout....the gifts tied with scarlet threads, offered in the dark corners of a place called 'I don't understand'...the heart that finds the blessings even when it is grappling with the cold 'whys?'

Blessings like: An affectionate hand brushing stray hair away from your face ~ a whisper of 'I love you' in the dark ~ him pacing the room with your newborn baby, whispering 'shh' at 4:39 am ~ full trash cans rattling to the road on Awana night ~ a knee-kicker grabbing at new carpet, pushing it into corners of an old room ~ red, white, and tan paint and wood made into childs' play things ~ sawdust covering an MCC jacket speaking of tables, and beds, and wood creations made with love ~ little blond and brown and red haired American girls on shelves, paid for with too much money ~ him leaving the last bit of Blue Bell for you and taking none for himself ~ diapers in the trash not changed by you, size one and size four, not paid for by you either ~ not letting you have a natural labor because he can't bear to see you in more pain than he's already caused in the past ~ paying too much money for technology for directionally challenged people whose phones find themselves in liquid such as coffee ~ gazebos that hit dining room windows because he's too busy doing labors of love that are more important ~ fish on 4 hooks and four smiling faces and him knowing how important it is that he make sure 'no one drowns' like they've all tried to do ~ flowers for no reason ~ trips out of the way for essential oils when he was 'just at that store-out of the way- last week' ~ him knowing not to go to walmart and waste gas because I forgot to tell him we needed cat food...they can eat tuna...just don't waste gas --without me having to say anything ~ Oneness. Knowing the other person's mind. Marriage.

See the little blessings, when they are little, when you can't see through the fog; someday you'll see the big blessings....just the little blessings all heaped up into one long life together, because you "chose" to see them.

Valentines Day All Month ~ Day 2 ~ Provision

February 2, 2014 · Valentines Day All Month ~ Day 2 ~ Provision

Are you married to a Boaz? A man who is a wonderful provider? This is who Boaz was. All through the book of Ruth you see his character. You see amazing character traits that every man should try to emulate, but mostly you see his provision for Naomi and Ruth. I love Boaz. I love his history, which is where his character was really born. Far before the events of the book of Ruth took place, a story was being weaved; a story that is quite silent but also not just takes some digging and some bible knowledge, but it's there. ....his history began with his mother; the beautiful soul mentioned in Hebrews 11, but found in Joshua....a scarlet cord in her hand...a foreigner....a prostitute. Do you feel the weight of that? His mother....a foreign prostitute....a history no one would really want...a woman no good Israelite would want....except there was this one Israelite who did want this woman named Rahab. Nothing but his name is mentioned in scripture but nothing need be mentioned of him; this man named Salmon. His son Boaz reveals all that Salmon was. Salmon redeemed a prostitute, for his wife. He loved and cherished her; provided for her needs. He washed her stains and made her clean because he rescued her, just as Christ wants to do for you. Are you the Rahab in your marriage relationship? The shameful, rebellious one, whose character and history is very colorful? Her faith took her all the way to Hebrews 11 and Matthew 1...the great great great.....grandmother of our Lord Jesus Christ. His great great great....grandmother??? That is a story only God can weave. A story of grace, forgiveness, redemption. A story like you could have. A story you could have if you have a Salmon in your life and The Lord Jesus in your heart.

Are you the Salmon of your marriage relationship?...not much flare...nothing to really tell about you except your name in a genealogy? Sometimes a name says it all. Sometimes that is all that is needed. Sometimes just your name is mentioned because your story is so special it's reserved for heaven alone. To be told to the Saints....To be told to the curious believers who love a great story....a precious testimony. Are you called to be Salmon? The quiet one who loves, forgives, provides a sacred place of rest and acceptance to the colorful one? To the one no one wants? Will you be the Salmon who becomes such an example to his children that people associate your name with your offspring? Will you raise little Boaz boys and girls, who redeem the foreigners, provide for the widows and even their mother-in-laws...with tangible provision and emotional provision? The beacon babies? Maybe God calls you to raise a Rahab child. You can raise all your children the same and you still might get one or two who despite your care, your prayers, and your teaching, is a Rahab child. This is when it's out of your hands and it's where God weaves the tapestry....the story. The beautiful redemption story. This is where the little Salmon's of the world become the bearers of Christ's image to a dying world. A world that needs their love and care...their forgiveness and acceptance...their grace and affection. These things that Rahabs need to make it to Hebrews 11. If you are a Salmon, keep going, keep digging into God's word and tapping into his power. If you are a Rahab, you have responsibilities, too. Rahab had to change. She had to turn her back on her sinful ways. She had to take every thought captive so she wouldn't live in life-long shame. She couldn't go to the places she used to go. She couldn't see the people she used to see. She couldn't listen to things she used to listen to. After all, she had a little boy now. She had to be an example to Boaz. She had to provide also, but in a different way than her husband. She provided stability, ability to teach from her past mistakes, ability to extend what Salmon had given her, and she taught Boaz gratefulness, contentment, and faith. Her boy grew into such a man that he deserved a whole book of the Bible. In the book of Ruth you see the character traits he learned from his mom and from his dad. Read it with new eyes! No matter if you are the Rahab or the Salmon, or a mixture of the two, make sure you provide well, from what God has given you! References: Joshua 1 and 6 Ruth 1-4 Matthew 1 Hebrews 11

Valentines Day All Month ~ Day 3 ~ Of Him Who Loves Children (And She Who Is Grateful)

February 3, 2014 · Valentines Day All Month ~ Day 3 ~ Of Him Who Loves Children (And She Who Is Grateful)

12:53 pm, a hot summer day, a squawking cry is heard. A boy is born. A father is born. 5:01 am, 8:42 am, 2:02am, 1:02 am...a father is increasingly being perfected. Time. God makes all things beautiful in His time, the wise king said. What truth. But how much easier when God begins, from the beginning, with a man who loves and wants children. Such a joy to a mom like me who always dreamed of a large family. When a man loves his children, a woman can forgive a lot. When his children run to him when he returns from work, crawling, clawing, and jumping all over him, especially the toddler, there is a safety there, where a woman knows her precious children are secure, happy, and safe. Think of every woman friend you know. I'm sure you can think of many whose husbands don't love the children, don't know how to, don't care to. Most of these women probably live alone with their children, and a broken heart. Some abandoned; some alone by choice. All sad. Where are the men? Where are the women who are content and grateful; thankful and appreciative of the men who live out Jesus's words of "Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them..."?

See with fresh eyes, your man, who is loving and tender with the children. Forgive him of his failings in other areas, whether great or small. Live in gratitude for the strengths he does have, the weaknesses he is trying to overcome by God's grace, and build a beautiful family with him. <3 Are you a barren woman? You can have a house full of children and still be barren. Read the definition:

1 : not reproducing
a : incapable of producing offspring
b : not yet or not recently pregnant
c : habitually failing to bear fruit
2 : not productive: as
a : producing little or no vegetation : desolate
b : producing inferior crops
c : unproductive of results or gain : fruitless
3 : devoid, lacking
4 : lacking interest or charm
5 : lacking inspiration or ideas

A barren mother of children is devoid of joy, happiness, and strength. She lives life with no purpose, lacking gain, and frittering away her life. She doesn't better herself or her family with learning, growing, and graceful living. She doesn't open her hands, her heart, or her mind to new ideas, to the will of God, to opportunities, to others, to her husband. Don't worry; I'm guilty of it, too. But what does the scripture say? What is the answer to the ungrateful, maybe hateful, maybe bitter wife who lives in the desolate places? Who lives in the barren places? Scripture says the answer is The Lord: "He makes the barren woman abide in the house As a joyful mother of children. Praise the Lord!"(Psalms 113:9 NASB) How? I believe The Lord does it through a grateful heart...the heart that, here again, chooses to see the blessings from her husband and her God!

Valentines Day All Month ~ Day 4 ~ Fullness of Grace and Forgiveness

February 4, 2014 · Valentines Day All Month ~ Day 4 ~ Fullness of Grace and Forgiveness

The little page...always hard to find...tucked between the giants of Timothy, Titus, and flip around trying to find it, when you are asked to find it, which is one really preaches on it...does anyone even read it?...Philemon. The book that's been wet with my tears....a little wrinkled and worn...words journaled around it's edges...the book I can always find because it saved(s) my heart from bitterness. Many times have I replaced Paul's words to Philemon, as words from God to me. No matter who you are, there is always someone you need to forgive.

Onesimus (if you can't say it, it's pronounced 'Oh-ness-uh-miss'), a thieving slave of Philemon...a run- away...scared and useless, finds Paul...or should we say, "God weaves the tapestry again, working through Onesimus's sin, unto his salvation (because that's what God does)...and leads him to Paul." Glory. God saves people for His glory. "God saves people in his timing, when it brings HIM the most glory", says my friend, Tammy. Paul asks Philemon to forgive his runaway slave, who is now his brother in Christ. Saved. Forgiven by God. Blameless. Righteous. Paul asks to be charged himself, with whatever Onesimus owes. Do you need to forgive your husband or wife? Imagine God speaking all the words of the book of Philemon to you...such as, "welcome your spouse, as you would welcome me...if he has done you any wrong or owes you anything, charge it to me". Charge the offense to God. Something I've found: People who have been forgiven much by God or others, are able to forgive much. The ones who receive a great and abundant grace are able to extend it easier to others. It is truly a wonderful gift from God, to be able to do this. For this I am thankful. My man forgives me and extends grace far easier than I am able to, even when I am extremely difficult. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. (Ephesians 4:32 NIV)

Valentines Day All Month ~ Day 5 ~ Gentile Soldier

February 5, 2014 · Valentines Day All Month ~ Day 5 ~ Gentile Soldier

We are all Gentiles unless born as Israelites, but there is a uniqueness in the Gentile Soldier. Even more-so the believing, washed-in-the-blood, redeemed, righteous, Gentile Soldier. Rewind 2000 odd years...imagine a brown and green sandy shore, palm trees and ugly olive trees scattered around, walled houses of the town in front of you, fishermen, boats and nets, and the Sea of Galilee behind you. Capernaum. An Israelite man, the Word wrapped in flesh, wearing sandals and a robe, enters the town. He's greeted by Jewish elders sent by the Roman soldier. The Centurion. The one said later, to be the greatest in faith in Israel. The Gentile. The Jews hate him. He only has a few Jewish friends....the ones he sent to Jesus, even though he's done much for the Jews. He's a delegator. He has a hundred men under him. He's busy. Plus, he has this problem that's stressing him out. His servant, who he regards highly (listen...he respects those lower than he...he respects a slave), is sick and close to death. He sends his Jewish friends to Jesus. Why didn't he go himself? There's three reasons, plus a bonus reason. They unlock why he was the greatest in faith in Israel, but not only that: the reason any soldier is great, or becomes great....

Number 1: the soldier knew that he had to multitask. He needed to use his time wisely. He needed to maximize what had been given him. So he delegated. He shows wisdom, commitment, maturity, stewardship of his resources, responsibility, and fore-thought. All Of these qualities make up a great soldier.

Number two: He sent his Jewish friends, so that it would not cause a ruckus in the presence of Jesus, since Jesus was likely on his way to the Jewish synagogue...if he had gone himself, it would have caused an uproar because he was hated by most of the Jews. This would have prolonged the healing of his slave-friend. Again, the soldier shows tactful thinking, logical reasoning. He's smart. More great qualities in a soldier.

And number three, the exact reason (if you've ever wondered) why this soldier was said to have the greatest faith in all of Israel: this man knew that he didn't need to be present to have his orders carried out, JUST LIKE Jesus didn't need to be present to heal his slave. It only took faith. And not just plain ole faith. This was faith from a roman gentile who had no religious or Christian upbringing. He was just like many of us.

If these things aren't enough to blow your mind, there's also this tidbit tucked away in Luke 7: he didn't come to Jesus himself, because he felt he didn't deserve to be in the presence of his Lord. He demonstrated a humility not often seen in soldiers. Even though he had a hundred men UNDER him, he knew there was still authority OVER him. He lived humbly under the Lordship of Christ. He carried out his duties with honor. He surrounded himself with men (the Jewish elders that he had befriended) who could teach him. He wasn't above being taught. He wasn't below giving orders. He led with competence but lived under Lordship. Not only this but think about it: why would any of us feel we don't deserve to be in the presence of Christ? Maybe there was some shame behind him. Maybe there was some sin behind him that made him feel he didn't deserve to be near his savior. Maybe he didn't quite know his identity yet, but I can guarantee you that if he had been Moses, I doubt he'd need to be asked to remove his sandals at the burning bush. Just saying.

And one last quality of this great man: He HAD a servant but he WAS ONE! He served Christ by helping to build the synagogue in Capernaum. We don't know if he literally helped build it with his hands or if he donated money for it to be built. If he donated money it was probably anonymously done. Wow! No wonder Jesus said in the hearing of self-righteous Jews and hypocritical Pharisees, "I tell you, I have not found such great faith even in Israel." While he likely mopped the brow of his servant-friend fretting over his life, and dare we imagine: probably changing his bedpan and bedding, he lived out Jesus's words without even knowing it...."Whoever does something for the least of these, does it for me", said Jesus. 'Last will be first'...'Least will be greatest'... 'God gives grace to the humble but opposes the proud'.... ........God gives grace to the humble...... I daresay.....God in human flesh probably gave a lot of grace that day in Capernaum. He healed a soldier's servant-friend....AND....told him he had the greatest faith in all of Israel.... And maybe....just maybe that Centurion had killed Christians in the past....maybe he had been a carouser.....a idol worshipper....HE WAS SOMETHING....SOME KIND OF SINNER LIKE WE ALL ARE..... God gives grace to the humble.... <3 References: Luke 7:1-10 Note: The story is also told in Matthew 8:5-13, to which it is written that the Centurion did go to Christ himself. This is not a contradiction but a difference in how it was written and why, by each author: In dealing with the messengers Jesus was dealing with the centurion. Matthew wrote to Jews, so he emphasized the gentile man's faith. Luke wrote to Gentiles so he emphasized the good relationship between the Jewish friends and the Centurion, trying to highlight the need for barriers to be broken down (racial, ethnic, and social barriers). It's also good to remember that Luke is known for his more detailed writing than any of the other gospel writers. Hope that makes sense. :)

Valentines Day All Month ~ Day 6 ~ The Good Gift Giver

February 6, 2014 · Valentines Day All Month ~ Day 6 ~ The Good Gift Giver I've never been very good at gift-giving, especially for adults. With my children it's pretty simple; they each have their unique interests, and I'm with them all day and know what they enjoy. I try to remember things that adults say they like, or want, but either I forget by Christmas, or the person is notorious for buying what they want before I get the chance. God isn't like that. He knows how to give good gifts to his children. In fact, he knows what you need before you do and before you ask him. He also knows what you would want and what you would like before you were even born. He plans your life with the desires of your heart in his mind. He uses your desires to fulfill his plan, and bring glory to himself, at the same time. Only our One True God would care about our wants and desires, as well as our needs, and at the same time, weave our lives intricately around those things. Other gods deceive us and don't truly deliver. Many of the things people worship like pleasure, money, sex, food, beauty, power....they all make us feel good at first....but afterward we are left hollow, searching for more, or harming ourselves or others. None of the things I mentioned are bad things, but if they are not brought under the Lordship of Christ, they will leave us feeling like a brick, because we haven't submitted our will and life to God. Only when we submit, do the things we like and enjoy, take their proper place, and enable us to enjoy them fully, in their rightful place. When we learn to enjoy the 'Gift Giver' first, then we appreciate and enjoy His gifts, more. If you worship your husband, you will eventually expect him to deliver what only Christ can deliver for you. As time goes on, your husband will disappoint you, but most of all, you will end up hurting him. He is a good thing. He was given to you by God, but if you worship him and put him above God, you will want him to be God for you. He can't be. You must learn to enjoy God as He is. Just as He is....which is infinitely more than you could ever imagine. Taste and see that The Lord is good. Something I have found that happens when we submit our lives to Christ and bring all areas of our lives under his Lordship, is that he fine-tunes our desires and turns what was, in the beginning a basic desire, into a glorious gift (to ourselves and to others). We all have the basic desire for sex. When we bring that under the Lordship of Christ, sex becomes more beautiful, your spouse becomes your standard of beauty, and your union becomes pure. Sex becomes a gift that you give rather than one you selfishly take from your spouse or others. As you learn to enjoy giving that gift, it makes it more enjoyable for yourself at the same time. If you enjoy or are good at writing, art, photography, hobbies, etc, and you have brought these giftings under submission, perhaps your gift will reach others for Christ. God can use any gift for His glory. On the contrary, any gift can be used to further Satan's kingdom. If you let any area of your life further Satan's kingdom, you will eventually not enjoy the things you were born to enjoy....the things God meant for you to enjoy. You will ruin them. So choose this day, who you will serve. Figure out what idols are enslaving you, before it's too late. Learn to let God reign, even in the small things. Use your fine-tuned, submitted gifts, to bless your spouse and others. Use them for God's glory, and watch Him use them in his ultimate plan for your life. Become a good gift giver, because you've learned to love the real gift giver with all of your heart, soul, and mind. <3 •So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him. (Matthew 7:11 NLT) •So do not be like them; for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him. (Matthew 6:8 NASB) •You will make known to me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; In Your right hand there are pleasures forever. (Psalms 16:11 NASB) •Enjoy life with the woman whom you love all the days of your fleeting life which He has given to you under the sun; for this is your reward in life and in your toil in which you have labored under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 9:9 NASB) •He who finds a wife finds a good thing And obtains favor from the Lord. (Proverbs 18:22 NASB) •O taste and see that the Lord is good; How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him! (Psalms 34:8 NASB)